These food combinations just don’t work well with your waist

Эти пищевые комбинации "не дружат" с вашей талиейThe risk of gaining weight after eating these products is increasing dramatically.

Every girl who watches over the figure, trying to choose not only tasty, but also useful combinations of products.

However, some of these combinations, which for many years considered the great taste and selection of vitamins actually can harm the figure.

1) Vegetable salad and dressing of lemon

Many vitamins and other useful elements from vegetables and herbs to be absorbed by the body, you need fat.

If you don’t add in the salad oil, preferring dressings of lemon, you are depriving yourself of a large number of Goodies.

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The thing is that tomatoes, which contain acids that inhibit the digestion of the pasta. Thus, disrupting the digestive process.

The perfect complement to pasta is the greens and fresh vegetables.

2) bacon and Eggs

This combination of products will be a very long time to digest, thus taking away from your strength and not the best way affecting the gastrointestinal tract. Bacon should be replaced by tomatoes and greens.

3) Bran and milk

Bran and the milk is better not to eat together. The reason is simple: phytic acid, which is a part of the bran bound calcium from milk.

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And then formed insoluble compounds, which make these products useless to the body.

Important: nutritionists advise to drink milk separately from other food – 2 hours after a main meal.

4) Porridge and fresh juice

Porridge and fresh juice that is so popular to eat for Breakfast, actually, just don’t mix.

The juices contain acids that inhibit the digestion of carbohydrates. And instead of ease and vitality, you’ll feel sluggish.

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