The three main causes of cirrhosis of the liver

Названы три основные причины возникновения цирроза печениDoctors told the rest who are more at risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver.

Cirrhosis is often called alcoholic liver disease because the main reason for its development is alcoholism. Despite warnings from doctors, people do not stop abusing alcohol, destroying day after day the liver cells and bringing themselves into cirrhosis, which, incidentally, is an incurable disease.

Of course, cirrhosis is not subject to all who consume alcohol. At risk are only those who drank on a daily basis and exceeds the dose of 40 g of any beverage containing alcohol.

Obesity and cirrhosis of the liver

Improper nutrition and excess fat in the diet gradually lead to the death of liver cells and disruption of its work. Over time, intoxication of the liver affects its ability to regenerate and the result starts to develop cirrhosis.

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Hepatitis C and cirrhosis

The causative agent of hepatitis C can last 10 to 13 years to slowly destroy the liver inside and in the end lead to cirrhosis and then death. The chance of recovery are only 15% of all hepatitis C patients, and that a negligible number of people, time to learn about your diagnosis. Most often, hepatitis C flows into a chronic form and to cure it is already extremely difficult, in practice, almost impossible.

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Three reasons for the development of liver cirrhosis

As you know, causes of cirrhosis are alcoholism, obesity and hepatitis C. If a person has seen all three diseases, with 100% probability he will go on to develop cirrhosis.

Doctors say that a healthy lifestyle, reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages and proper nutrition is the most faithful ways to prevent cirrhosis of the liver. If you at present have problems with excess weight or you abuse alcohol, you still have time to stop and cross themselves at risk of liver cirrhosis.

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